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New Progressions LLC Staff resources


Please see a list of links that our contractors and staff can utilize as a part of our team.


We offer in house CPI and CPR Trainings. Payments can be made for these classes by clicking the Training Payment button.

We also offer several in-house training and all of those recordings can be found on our YouTube NP University Channel for contractors and staff to view at their convenience.

Please also notice a link for our electronic medical record provider, Sharenote. This link takes you to the most commonly requested training videos.

We also have a link to our online training partnership with Relias. This is the portal link that will give contractors and staff the ability to complete first time and yearly required training.

Other Quick Links


New Progressions cares about its staff and the clients they serve. Being here made me feel welcomed and part of a team.

Admin do their best to improve through staff feedback. Consistent training in each department to improve staff's understanding

From the moment I started working w/ NP My Clinical Dir. , Sedara has been helpful, supportive, encouraging and has gone above and beyond for me. She has created a space for me to learn and grow. She makes me want to give my all, even when I'm feeling some type of way about other things, I don't want to let her down. She does not belittle, disrespect and make you feel less then, she is the epitome of what empowerment and leader-ship supposed to look like. She is patient and kind. Ms. Oni She has helped me so much with sharping my skills set, she has went out of her way to help me undertsand the codes and why certain interventions are more appropriate then others, she has help me with my clincial verbiage, She created a spece where I felt comfortable asking her questions and she never made me feel small dumb.

I feel that the current atmosphere at New Progressions is very good and that's because of the leadership that is being maintained by the program.

I like the way the organization puts forth proactive efforts to grow beyond the roles and expectations of what these services provide for clients.

The insightful meetings. In the past, I have worked with companies that discuss all the clients at the meetings. In my opinion, this information should be discussed during supervision.

I feel working at New Progressions is very beneficial because there are so many programs and opportunities here that I can become a part of and am a part of.

My learning experience at New Progressions is very knowledgeable. I have had the opportunity to learn the clinical and business side of New Progressions. These opportunities are important when an intern is thinking about opening their own business. What a great experience to be here.

The flexibility and the convenience of upper management. Everyone is friendly and open to help when needed.

Staff! They are amazing, loving and understanding. Every one is so knowledgeable and empathic is makes such a great work environment.

I would keep the supervision with Sedara because she is very knowledgeable with the clinical portion and the business side of the private practice.

I would keep the organization’s approach to success and stability; as you know what is needed based on the State Guidelines and I trust your guidance; and you have been in business taking care of clients this long for a reason.

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