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5526 Old National Hwy., Suite B

Atlanta GA 30349


Office: 404-565-2249

Fax: 404-393-7420


GCAL 24-Hr: 800-715-4225


406 Marquis St.

Jackson, MS 39206


Office: 769-243-6715

Fax: 769-243-6806


24 Hr Crisis Line: 800-484-1907


415 Comet St.

Jackson, MS 39206


Office: 769-257-7011

Fax: 769-257-7053


24-Hr Crisis Line: 800-484-1907

We’re here to help!

New Progressions, LLC—our company is committed to enhancing the quality of life for the people we serve. We are dedicated to building and maintaining trust with the people we service, those we employ and those who employ us.

We are devoted to helping a person find or maintain employment, enjoying recreational activities or learning new skills. Our activities are geared towards increasing community involvement and enriching lives.

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